New Art Updates

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the delayed posting, I've been a bit busier than normal lately (which is a good thing!).

Here are some updates from my recent past.

1. Templar
No, not the Black Templar painting, just standard medieval stuff. This was a bunch of fun to paint and was done for a private client.

There are also some videos available for this piece and a print will soon be on the way.
  • Live Stream:
  • Speed Paint:

  • Tutorial Video:

2. The Emperor Protects
Here's another recent commission, this time Warhammer 40,000 themed (surprise!). This piece was also done for a private client and was a real pleasure. I got to experiment with some new styles, paint warrior women (respectfully, I might add), and flex my Warhammer 40,000 muscles.

There are some videos available for this piece as well, I hope to release the speed paint and tutorial videos today if not soon (watch out for those updates).
  • Live Stream part 1:

  • Live Stream part 2:

  • Speed Paint Video:

  • Tutorial Video:

3. Faith is My Shield
More 40k stuff! This was not a private commission, however, and was created for Hammer of the Emperor, a new expansion to the Only War series by Fantasy Flight Games. You can read more about this upcoming release here:

I always love being able to share my "secret" work, so I'm glad this piece finally got to see the light of day.

I did receive permission to create videos for this piece (thank you, Fantasy Flight Games!) so you can find them here:

  • Speed Paint

  • Tutorial

I think that's it for now, but make sure to stay tuned for more updates. Also, I am still selling prints on, you can find all my stuff here:

If you are interested in commissioning a painting of your own, please feel free to send me an email at artist@nicholaskay.con. There, we can discuss your painting, pricing, payment plans, the mechanics of Geller fields and void shielding, the weather, or whatever you had in mind.

Talk to you soon,


  1. Amazing Work! Thanks to BOLS for linking here :)

  2. Wow, i love the Speed Painting videos. Its stunning to watch an real artist do his work. Thank you for sharing this! Just do get the scale: How long does it take you in average to finish a picture?

    1. Thanks! That's a tough question, it really depends upon complexity. Single figure paintings generally take 6-8 hours, more complex pieces average around 10.

      Of course, this all depends on whether this is a client piece- sometimes they take rounds of revisions and can double the time!

  3. With 'The Emperor Protects' where are all her internal organs sitting in the lower abdominal area? With a Spine, Abdominal Muscles, Large and Small Intestine and more then an inch thick armour, there is simply no room present. Sorry, the Barbie anatomy rather ruins it all.

    Also, another small problem. The Inquisitorial Rosette (I with the three middle strikes) would not be present on the power armour. If anything it's be the Chaplet Ecclesiasticus (I with a skull in a sunburst in the middle). Different organisations would not use the same symbol.