Necron Overlord WIP

Hey folks!

I've got some lovely new stuff to share with you, so please step this way.

Here's a new painting I've been working on and yes, THERE WILL BE A TUTORIAL VIDEO AND SPEED PAINT to accompany the painting.

As you can hopefully tell, this painting revolves around an Necron Overlord (Warhammer 40,000) leading his warhost against some beleaguered and overrun Ultramarines. The client requested Ultramarines as the victims here and I was more than happy to oblige (the boys in blue have to lose every once in a while).

Anyway, below is my reference sheet as well as several WIP shots of the painting. I hope to get much of the color and rendering done tomorrow and to follow up with the video as quickly as possible.



  1. Holy hell the details..looking forward to the video! They are always so informative :)!

    How long can you concentrate on a painting for in one go? Just wondered I often find myself wondering off to do something else even when I'm enjoying myself!

    1. hmmm good question. Max I'd say 6 hours, anything after that and I'm more likely to just idly stare than paint.

  2. Osuuuum, cant wait for the vid.
    hey, request :Can u pliz check out my painting 4 Party of five on if u can and give me you honest opinion if i should persue concept design, coz im workin a dead end job ryt now.
    i know i still hav a long way 2 go, but party of five is my first serious take on just about 2 add colour 2 it. ur opinion wld mean a lot.Thnx
    oh and, im havin problms painting strong female poses, can u hav a youtube tutorial for one.
    Your art is Osumest.

  3. Quite frankly, this is so much better than the necron codex covers. Great work as per usual.