Necron Overlord Painting

Welcome back everyone!

I've got some new art for you today, as well as three videos to accompany it.
If you caught my last post, you know that I have been working on a new Necron themed painting, featuring a Necron Overlord of the Ogdobekh dynasty.

This painting took about 16 hours to do and was definitely a bit more challenging than normal. I received some critique that my previous work that my paintings were too dark and too brown. In order to remedy those issues, I've tried increasing the overall brightness of my composition as well as limiting my palette to a select chromatic range, rather than using every color of the rainbow.

Tutorial Video

Speed Paint (with music)

Speed Paint (alternative music- turns out the music cut out during rendering in the above video)

Speed Paint (without music)

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  1. This is just awesome man.

  2. Looks amazing! I love the videos. It really make you appreciate the time and skill it takes to create a work like this. Great job.

  3. Well done. Featured on BoLS!

  4. how do we go about purchasing the print?

    1. The print can be purchased here, though in limited quantities.