Emperor's Shields Terminator: WIP Monochrome

Hey folks!

More painting goodies for you!

This is another private client piece, this time featuring a proud terminator of the original chapter, The Emperor's Shields.

As you might notice (if you are familiar with Forgeworld) this guy is wearing Tartaros pattern terminator armor and wields a thunder hammer and storm shield.

In the background, you can see a looming monument to Slaanesh spilling out a tide of writing daemonic tentacles from its warp portal.

Also, in the skies above, you'll notice a large, mysterious ship. This ship belongs to the Legion of the Damned, a mythical ethereal force of space marines.

So far, this painting has taken 7 hours. I have some more things to add before I head to color (cape on the terminator, chained bodies draping from the tower) but that shouldn't take too long. As soon as this painting is done, I'll start working on the videos for it, so you can expect some new tutorials in the coming week!



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  1. Cant wait to see progress and tutorial :-)

    Thanks Nicholas for all hard work you doing for us.