Off Topic: Nutrisystem

Hey everyone!

Since all my current work is locked under NDA, I thought I might go off topic for this entry and talk about something very new in my life.

I recently decided to try out the Nutrisystem diet program, pretty much because I wasn't happy with my weight and have little time to devote to food shopping, cooking, and exercise. I still do try to get some exercise in daily but my current work schedule is highly demanding and leaves very little time for extracurricular activities.

Anyway, today is my first day on the program and so far it's been pretty sweet. I kind of messed things up by waking up at noon today (I was working late last night, finally heading to bed around 2 am) and really needed to shrink my sleep deficit.

Regardless, I'm trying to follow a fairly consistent meal schedule. I know this is kind of messed up, but I actually REALLY enjoy the taste of the pre-packaged food. This is unsurprising to me, since I normally live off of fruit, vegetables, cereal bars, lean cuisine, and frozen burritos. Another bizarre plus is that something about the pre-packaging reminds me of astronaut food. Since I'm really a kid at heart, I get a little kick out of pretending I'm on some space mission when I heat up my tiny canisters of nutrients.

With goofiness aside, my goal is to lose 20-30 pounds, so wish me luck!



  1. Awesome, if you enjoy the packaged food then go for it. Nothing to lose! Beware though, after a diet like that you tend to put weight back on once you finish the course. That's due to going back to regular food and it simply doesn't match up to the low calories. The best way is to just cut out any crap such as chocolate and other junk food and drink lots of water. Another good thing to do is to eat fresh veg raw, with a dip on the side, such as hummus(in moderation), as an alternative to snacks.

    What type of food is it that comes in these diet containers, I'm curious. In England they tend to be made of horrendously un-flavoured disgustingess(is that a word haha). It's no wonder people struggle to lose weight.

    1. haha thanks for the tips! The food is actually disturbing because it feels like you could never lose weight eating it.

      For example, yesterday I had a chocolate muffin for breakfast, broccoli and chicken pasta for lunch, "oreos" for a snack, lasagna for dinner, and a peanut butter and chocolate bar for dessert. I also probably ate a pound or so of carrots...

      So, despite all this, I still lost a pound and a half, so that's a good start, I suppose!