Massacre at Sanctuary 101 : Sketch Complete!

Hey folks!

I've been working on of my favorite commissions of all time lately, something I was originally a bit apprehensive about. When my client asked for a "Sister of Battle fending off a Necron Wraith" I was definitely a bit nervous, seeing as I have never painted a wraith and have very, very little experience working with the sisters.

Regardless of any qualms I held, I dove at this project like it was my last and am definitely happy with how it's turned out thus far. Right now, the monochromatic part is done. Now, I just need to color and render (apply hues and extra effects/details) and we'll be done.

For those who aren't familiar with the Necrons or the Adepta Sororitas, here are some wikis for your reference:

Sisters of Battle:



  1. Very nice! This was especially great to see since I coincidentally just finished reading Faith & Fire and Hammer & Anvil.