Alpharius Omegon Monochrome

Hey everyone,

I just finished the monochrome of the twin Primarch, very exciting!

My client requested a weapon swap. As you can see, both demigods are now toting demonic bolters and "billed" weapons (I went with a guisarme for inspiration).

Also, I took a lot of critique from my Black Templar painting to heart, and made sure to keep those "power-armored hips" in check.

Anyway, I hope you all like where it's going, I know I do!



  1. Agree with the above comment. I also like how the armor hasn't become too corrupted yet and shows their origins as marines.

    1. Sweet, thanks! I didn't want these two to be too corrupted since (in my opinion) they were always loyal to the Emperor (this is a complicated argument).

      However, had I designed the piece (and not been commissioned) I would have had them in standard marine armor, disguised as one of the line troops (DECEPTION!).