IMC Sketch

Hi everyone,

As I await the rest of my posse for breakfast, I thought I'd fill you in on my recent "going ons" from the incredible IMC.

First off, I'd like to thank Brady Dommermuth from WOTC's creative dept. for recommending the class to me. It's amazing how opportunities like this can pass so silently past your radar without the help of friends.

Anyway, the IMC has been an extremely rewarding opportunity thus far. To best describe it, the IMC is sort of like a Comic Con or E3, but rather than just meet new contacts, check out new games, and occasionally party, there are vast volumes of art information flying around.

The faculty for this IMC, Ian McCaig, Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell, Donato Giancola,Greg Manchess, Rebecca Guay, Dan  Dossantos, Irene Gallo, Scott Fischer, James Gurney, Adam Rex, and Gerald Brom, have been beyond helpful and aspiring, constantly giving lectures, critiquing over-the-shoulder, and selflessly sharing their greatest experiences, both personally and professionally.

Of the staff I have interacted, Brom, Julie, Donato, Greg, Dan, Boris, and Scott have definitely had the most effect on my work. Yesterday was especially important because I was recovering mentally from a fairly heavy process-related critique from Dan the previous day (it was really beneficial, growth can be painful). However, after showing Scott and him my process from A to Z as well as some of my finished pieces, Dan promptly said, "oh man, forget EVERYTHING I said yesterday!" This was pretty huge for me and put a whole new gust into my sails.

Also, I had a great talk with Scott about freelancing, business, life, and the grooming of appearance. Just being able to step out of my "freelancing vacuum" and speak to a more experienced peer was a joy in itself, but the information shared confirmed my current path and bolstered my resolve.

Now for the stuff you probably came here to see!

This is the current state of my painting. I'm not sure if I can give much more information on the source material, but I'll ask around today and find out. This is several days' worth of work, as well as some point-on critiques by the faculty listed above. I was even lucky enough to have Scott, Donato, and Dan do some draw-overs while working.

I haven't finished refining the characters yet (this is a departure from my normal process, which, as was revealed to me yesterday, is actually very comic based). I can't wait to get back to work on this and see where I can take it.

Also, Gurney just got here last night! He is giving (I think) 3 lectures today, so I am beyond psyched. Jim revolutionized my perception of light and color and, in many ways, can be credited with much of my progress over the past year or two.

Talk to you soon,



  1. Sounds fantastic Nick, can't wait to see the finished piece.

  2. Wow that looks awesome! It will be interesting to hear how your process is comic based and the pros/cons of this.

    Enjoy the rest of your stay!