Rhana Dandra is upon us!

After another bout with YouTube, the videos are finally ready!

Here is the final, completed painting of the Eldar Avatar vs. the Slaaneshi Keeper of Secrets!

Of course, there are also TWO videos for this piece....

Tutorial Video:

Speed Paint Video:

Was it worth the wait? I think so.



  1. Hell yes! The speed paint video is awesome!
    How on earth did you do that so fast???
    I do have to say the Templar is still my favourite of your 40k works so far, but this is impressive.
    Especially like the position of the two.

    1. Thanks! I think I was able to do this one so quickly because I didn't go with line art, like I did on the marine.

      The marine is still my favorite too, though this one is starting to win me over. The Templar piece is really, really polished (23 hours worth) but this guy is way more dynamic/engaging.

    2. Not to sound like a complete moron but if I don't ask I wont learn.
      What did you do instead of line art? The speed paint video was a little fast for me to see clearly.
      Will watch the tutorial later but thought I'd ask.
      I do have to agree that fight scene is a cool idea

    3. No problem- I did a quick line sketch followed by some tones and color. I then render out the details later.

      You should definitely watch the tutorial video, though!

    4. Thanks man, is really quite awesome that you reply to comments.

      Will do, don't worry been getting through your vids slowly.

    5. Hey, if you take the time to comment, I can take the time to reply :) (provided I'm not up to my eyes in work).