Nanites detailing

Hey everyone!

Welcome back. In this blog post, I talk about further detailing the nanite and all the itty bitties that go into it.

Although we haven't even broken into the really small details (wires, watch parts, bolts, etc) there is still a lot of detailing at this stage. Mostly, I am trying to smooth out the rough details which were blocked in with epoxy, as well as file off any fingerprints and replace cracked/globular edges with linear cuts.

The tools of this work sessions were mostly my trusty rotary tool with sander attachments, a tricky little micro-engraver, some generic clay sculpting tools, super glue, the hobby saw, and the occasional diamond file. As you can imagine, there is A LOT of debris caused by this kind of work, so I must always wear proper safety equipment (respirator, glasses) while working. Also, Dolly (my airbrush) was useful in blowing away dust and shavings from my work area.

As you can see, a lot of work has gone into the nanite since the last post and this sculpt has moved from the 'what is it' phase into the 'ah I see it now' part.

C&C welcome!



  1. Looking great! It's good to see multi-talented people, you certainly are one of them :D