Hair Metal Forever!

And you all thought I wasn't going to post today... shame on you (unless you are on EST like me, in which case you can gloat)!

So I'm not sure how it happened, but I managed to finish the Avatar vs. Keeper of Secrets piece... I'm not sure how long it took, but I'm approximating 11 hours or so.

Also, there will definitely be a video tutorial for this piece as I was super careful not to let any recording session go over an hour. Hopefully, that will ensure that we don't get any more video corruption issues like last time.

Also, another huge shout out the YouTube crowd. I woke up this morning with around 2000 views or so on my Black Templar speed paint and ended the day with 6000+. I know that's not a lot in the world of YouTube,  but it is for me :-D.

Lastly, I've been speaking to some of my subscribers about creating some videos focusing on good reference materials and more simple aspects of painting, like coloring and lighting. Once I get this new video done, I'll see what I can do about those tutorials.

Thank you all for the comments/critiques on the last blog post- they were very helpful!

Oh ya, one more thing. I'm only going to show you a PREVIEW of the finished piece tonight- I want to release it with the videos all at once.


P.S. The Keeper ended up super 80's, but I'm cool with that.


  1. Looks great! I look forward to seeing the final piece :D.
    I have trouble with my compositions and where to place things also. How do you overcome that problem?

    1. Compositions generally pretty tough, especially when you start adding multiple characters. There are some concepts to always keep in mind (rule of thirds) but sometimes it really just comes down to 'what looks good.' I try to go dynamic > static, enmeshed objects > silhouetted, and asymmetric > uniform. Also, pay attention to lines of movement. Lines help determine the path of the eye over the piece, so conflicting lines can cause confusion and dissonance.