Games-Workshop Just Can't Get Enough!

Hey folks,

This is more of a working post since I'm awaiting feedback on my "show-able"  projects and have been spending the majority of my time working on my other projects (Paizo and FFG) which can't be shared yet.

I will say, however, that the art for both companies has been a total blast. Both art teams are a real pleasure to work with and allow a great amount of creative control to me (always a plus!).

Anyway, enough idle chatter. Today I was once again featured on the Games-Workshop page, What's New Today. I didn't receive a notice or anything from my contact there, so this was a big surprise to me (a pleasant one, though).

The article was extremely flattering since, to sum it up, the team over at GW are looking for more armies which are like mine and those belonging to some other extremely talented miniature enthusiasts. Sadly, my Iron Hands are still waiting patiently from my hobby station, ever eyeing me with their ocular bionics. However, this post did give me a mental kick-in-the-butt to paint them soon.

Also, I'd like to thank my YouTube subscribers for so warmly receiving my Simple Brush Tutorial  and for continuing their thirst for knowledge. I hope to provide more tutorials soon, though it will have to wait until my current responsibilities are addressed.

As a future heads up, I will be leaving for the Illustration Masterclass  on June 8th and will probably be somewhat indisposed as I overtly lose my mind.

Thanks for reading! Please leave me comments on what kind of tutorials/content you would like to see more of here on my blog.



  1. Nice one, a feature is always great! Have a good time at the IMC!

    Looking forward to seeing your projects !

    1. Why thank you, Holly! I'm getting kind of nervous because I'm so drowned in work that I have little to no time for my IMC sketches and reference :-[