Updates and Featurette

Hey folks!

I'm pretty exhausted, so I'll keep this blog post brief... I think.

Today was pretty insane, lots and lots of new YouTube subscriptions (awesome!) and tons of new comments to filter through on DeviantArt and YouTube. I also was fortunate enough to have my Black Templar piece featured on Bell of Lost Souls, so a big thank you to Larry and the staff there. I also did a brief interview on DeviantArt this morning, when that's up I'll make sure to let you all know.

In other news, this new piece is really killing me. I struggled a bit with the composition because I really wanted a more dynamic pose but I couldn't figure out how to without making it look awkward.  Right now the composition is a bit more cinematic, but I don't know... I'm not happy with it. I really wanted to push the perspective but it just looks weird on figures this large (20+ ft tall). Also, it's really hard to find references for lighting on some poses...

Anyway, C&C are welcome, I could really use some fresh ideas in my worn out brain.


  1. Hi !
    It's really looking great :)
    If I may dare an opinion, I would say :
    - the width of the background lessen this mighty clash. Maybe a little close up ?
    - Khain isn't offensive enough. He looks like waiting for the deathblow. If you wanted to represent this blow, maybe Khaine could have one knee on the ground ? Or if he's still fighting, a sword strike coming from below against an adversary coming from the air ?

    1. Thanks for the feedback! You should always feel like your critique is valuable...because it is!

      I agree on the distance from camera- I was talking with a friend last night and I think this piece just needs to be overhauled.

      I'm still trying to figure out the new composition, but there are some problems I'm running into.

      1. These figures are 20+ feet tall and that needs to show. The best ways to show this are by using a low viewing angle, placing the figures around human sized objects, and using aerial perspective.

      2. Dueling compositions are tough because there are two centers of focus, rather than the usual one. This throws the general rule of thirds out the window (you can do two foci, but then it just becomes centrally focused).

      3. I want to show both figures in detail- I had some ideas about over the shoulder or behind the calf shots, but that would remove one figure from the comp entirely.


  2. The only way i could see to add scale is to put something of referance in there, perhaps they are fighting on a bridge, instead of a super convienient shard of mountain, inside a cavern. Sheva sort of looks like shes being pulled by the sword, and i cant figure out the inent of the human torch there, If hes taunting? i think he would have more aggresive stance, or if hes letting out some sort of lamentation? sort of vague.

    1. I agree on all points. I'm going to be trying out some new comps and throwing this one out... sometimes it's just better to walk away on a piece than try to fix it.

  3. Found your work on DevArt and since then I've watched a lot of your vids. Amazing work and I'm definately learning things. Like how useful Liquify is. Anyway I like this piece but I agree with SPQR, the Avator is too static. He's more the embodyment of rage. IMHO. If you're a fan of W40k you've probably read some Horus Herasy stuff. There's a great bit in Fulgrim where the Primarch is inially pleased to fight an Avator thinking it will be the perfect fight but soon realises it's all the Avator can do. The avator dosen't feel, or take pleasure from war it just fights. So I doubt it would taunt. I do love the Demon pose cool lunge whilst the arm thrown back says "look at me".

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed/learned something from the videos! I'll take what you said into consideration, and ya Fulgrim was an awesome book, for sure. :-D