That last busy day....that was nothing.

Hey folks!

So today has been pretty insane.

I got a reminder from The Directory of Illustration that my art is due on May 3rd... that's not a lot of time! I was hoping to get at least one more piece out before then, but the Black Templar might be the last I can finish before due date.

Also, I started working on a very exciting, very different project for a client, Say Design . Breaking tradition, I actually won't be doing an illustration... I'll be scratch building a miniature and painting it! Very cool, very different from what I've normally been doing.

Generally my day consists of waking up, working my day job (yes, I have a day job) then attending to freelance work, practicing digital painting/ improving my portfolio, and writing blog posts. However, now I'll be hunkering down at my other work station and getting my hands dirty with putty, metal, plastic, paint, glue, and all other types of fun stuff. I used to do a bit of miniature work back in the day, you can check out some of it on my site, here. I also have a larger collection of painted miniatures you can see on my Deviant Art page.

Anywho, I have approval from the client to share updates with you guys, so come along for the ride!

Below is the miniature description, as well as the reference concept artwork (which is not my work).

In the future, an Elite force of soldiers known as Nanotroopers will pilot the next-gen of fighting forces for earth. This Nanoceptor is called The Water Bear and is a front-line assault tank for an unseen alien invasion.

Pretty cool, right?

Oh, don't worry, there will be TONS of pics taken while I work.... I might even make some recordings, if possible.

Of course, I'll still be painting in the mean time and making as many cool illustrations as possible. I did do a bunch of work on the Black Templar today too, although you might not notice them right away. I still need to fix the background, but I spent most of the day painting out outlines and fixing highlights. Also, you'll notice that the Templar's hand is strangely absent.... I had to fix its position so for the moment it has been painted out.  I'm going to try and update the blog again tonight/tomorrow morning if possible, so stay tuned.



  1. Fantastic! Good to hear you are getting more work!I look forward to seeing some pictures of this miniature. The black templar is looking magnificent with all those details.
    I always wondered if some artists also work a day job, I assume you get paid for these commission works right? Would you ever consider moving completely to illustration?


    1. Hi PP(or Holly, whatever you prefer),

      Thanks for the feedback! I also really like where the BT is heading. I'll be heading to the craft store today to assemble supplies for the miniature and I'll keep you guys posted on any updates.

      I reeeeally want to finish the BT today but I'm skeptical whether that's going to happen. I still need to repaint his hand but, more importantly, there's still no background!

      I do normally get paid for commissions, yes. The BT is a personal piece/portfolio booster so unfortunately no commission fee there. Normally it's difficult to post about the work I am doing due to Non-Disclosure Agreements, so I try to keep personal pieces going on the side.

      I would definitely move to full time Illustration, were it possible. Right now I don't have a steady enough stream of clients and work to make that a possibility, at least without sacrificing a lot in terms of quality of life (I would be living out of a box).


    2. Haha! That wouldn't be good, I wish you the best of luck getting there in the end. Your work certainly deserves it.

      About the BT, I think a background would do him justice. He looks menacing, I wouldn't like to get in his way! It blows my mind how long you spend on these pieces, but I suppose that's all part of the business isn't it!

      Yeah my name is Holly, but DA is Papaya-Pig (Don't ask, spur of the moment thing). Your work is really inspiring, not to mention the fact that you interact with your viewers. It's encouraging :)

    3. Thanks, Holly! I'm glad you like my stuff :) The background has been coming along pretty well today, although I did struggle for a bit while figuring it out.

      I definitely do spend quite a bit of time on my pieces- the really high quality stuff is usually upwards of 8 hours, somewhere in the 10-14 hour range. Quicker, or at least less detailed/fleshed out pieces can be much quicker...closer to 4-6 hours.

      I really like interacting with viewers- I know some artists can be aloof, but that was never really my style.