Silver and Gold

Hmmm I see a trend of my blog posts publishing later and later into the evening... I'll have to remedy that.

Welcome back, today we are resuming work on the DCA in all her glory. I added some doodads to the background (still keeping it loose and just experimenting) but I like the direction it's taking.

As for the DCA, I did make quite a few changes. For one, I added gold to her palette to break up the black, red, and grey that were already there. Also, I retouched her face and metal helmet-thing so give her a more insane, wild look (she was just too damn smooth before).

I also reworked her shoes to make them a bit more poignant and unnatural.  I went back through some of my reference material and took a hard look at some more of John Blanche's artwork. From scoping it out, I realized that Blanche often sacrifices beauty for the disturbing and anatomy for the mechanical. While I didn't feel like lopping off limbs or totally altering her current pose, I will try to keep his stylistic choices in mind down the road (though to be honest I feel that his work is often better conceptually than illustratively).

Anyway, please feel free to leave comments or suggestions as I almost got stuck in some major creative block a couple hours ago. I'm trying to keep that grim dark feel of 40K, but it can be tough given my normal penchant for bold colors and strong lighting.


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