Goodbye Comfort Zone!

So this piece has now officially left the comfort zone for me.

I only was able to spend about an hour and a half on the assassin today, but as you can tell some serious 'changes' have been made.

I think I may release two versions of the piece, one NSFW and the other edited, but time will tell. Also, I'm not happy yet with the Clockwork Orange cleavage treatment... I think the outfit may need a little more structuring to get it just right.

Anywho, I do like the slashes to the underskin and some of the tweaking on the boots. Similarly, I would like to keep adding extreme specular highlights, giving the impression of leather or latex.

That's all for tonight- if you have any ideas please feel free to comment as I want to keep pushing this character further and further into the extreme.



  1. Well, it certainly wouldn't be comfortable running around in that costume XD But I really like the look of the boots and the rips/slashes. Are you planning on doing a background afterwards?

    1. Thanks! Yes, this outfit in no way, shape, or form would ever be comfortable (at least not to most people).

      I am definitely planning on doing a background of some kind- I want to keep it fairly simple so focus stays on the assassin... possibly a poorly lit alley or dark corridor.