Death Cult Assassin- Nearing Completion!

Hi everyone,

I was able to dedicate a good 4 and a half hours to this piece today and spent almost all of the time reworking the perspective and composition.

I tried realigning her with the 2/3 (golden ratio) mark, but because of her symmetry it looked sort of off. I'm going to try her at more of a 3/5 position for the time being, but might end up cropping her in a bit more to 1/2.

I'm really happy with where the background has come (see last post for the horrible mess it was before) since it shows good perspective and adds a real sense of depth to the piece. Similarly, I added some tangled wires about her feet with bring her a bit more into the mid ground and help to establish her location within the piece more strongly.

I'm considering adding a stronger light source for additional highlights and shadows, but we'll have to see how I feel in the morning about it.

Anyway, this may be the last chance for comments or suggestions on this piece, so get yours in before it's too late!



  1.! Seems you have overcome your fear! I think the stance is perfect, beautiful but deadly. :)